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Wild at Ranthambore

So when was the last time your holiday was something more than a regulated sightseeing and shopping excursion? How long now has your heart been craving some adventure worth boasting? Fortunately for you, there are enough and more adventurous excursions out there and perhaps the most exciting and easily accessible, especially for north India, is the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. Armed with nothing but your camera and a hat to beat the sun, you could catapult yourself into a wild, wild world of possibilities.

Located in the Sawai Madho Singh district of southern rajasthan, a mere 180 kilometres from Jaipur, Ranthambore is one of India’s largest national parks and categorized as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. Needless to say, the biggest attraction of this reserve is its tigers, which you can sight here in abundance. Lazing under the sun on the rolling grass hills, in hot pursuit of a deer, or just sitting down to enjoy a much-deserved meal after a long chase – they’re everywhere. If it is an adrenaline rush you seek, by all means sign up for a visit to the national park and you will not be disappointed.

The easiest trip to Ranthambore can be initiated from Jaipur. Once there, you can choose accommodation as per your choice and pocket ranging from modest to luxurious. Sign up for the morning and evening safari trips, each of which last three hours. You can opt for a safari in an open-air jeep, which seats four or be part of a larger group in a canter. Park rangers will take you for a guided tour, leading you to all the favourite tiger haunts and also giving you ample photo ops. You can also spot other wildlife including leopards, spotted deer, hyenas, blue bulls or neel gais, jackals, civet cats and crocodiles on land, vultures scouting the skies along with a host of other birds including the kingfisher, sandpiper, jacana, saras crane, fowls and many more. While in Ranthambore, enjoy its hidden wonders, which include the sprawling Ranthambore Fort, a majestic 10th century bastion atop a hill in the heart of the reserve, which begs exploration. Other sites in and around the reserve include a Ganesha and a Mahadev temple and a handful of eco-tourism sites.

The best time to visit the national park is between November and May, especially because the reserve closes down in June for the rains. There’s another interesting addition to your itinerary in case you happen to be here around March-April, take time out to visit Jaipur around March 27 in time for the Rajasthan Day celebrations. Organised by Rajasthan Tourism, Rajasthan Day is packed with cultural activities including folk dances, music and culture evening, art exhibitions, kite flying competitions and even air shows by the Indian Air Force. There can be no better way to acquaint oneself with the rich cultural heritage of this glorious state!

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